In the global economy, the information age today
  we ushered in a world full of opportunities and challenges. "Fengyuan people" will be tolerant to diversity-minded, indomitable courage committed to the reform and innovation of enterprises.  
Market changes, the mall choppy. We experienced hardships
  such as ice cover step by step trek. Practice has proved that only insight into market opportunities, timely strain, and constantly challenge themselves, beyond the self, in order to capture the market and win customers, has made remarkable achievements.  
Shopping horizon, Ebb Tide.
  "Fengyuan person" more than ten years of fighting, pronto, we rise, continue to grow: from a single product development today more variety, more specifications, many series.  
  Square Steel Bar Hexagonal Steel Bar
  Flat Steel Bar
  Rail joint bar
  Steel Plate shear member
  Steel gauge apron
  • Corporate environment
  • Corporate environment
  • Corporate environment
  • Corporate environment
   Yingkou Fengyuan Metallurgical profiles Ltd. was established in April 2004. Enterprises are now addressing the old side of the street at the old border Yingkou City on the 16th, is located in Camp Highway Road South. Shenyang-Dalian highway 4.5 km east, 12 km Harbin-Dalian railway, 6.1 km away from the high-speed rail Yingkou East Railway Station. West Yingkou Liaohe old port city and 10 km. Southbound 65 km is Yiduntaigang --- Bayuquan seasons navigable.
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